Kendra's passion for design started at a young age. She still remembers the color scheme that she had picked out for her grandparents farmhouse at the age of 8 and how disappointed she was that her grandparents didn’t believe that she could paint it all by herself!!!! She also remembers tagging along with her father to the job sites to sweep up sawdust and was always amazed at the construction process.

Kendra now dreams up beautiful interiors and exteriors and has experience with major and minor renovations, new builds, staging, and color schemes. She and her father - a general contractor have worked together on many projects and have built positive relationships with qualified and quality trades. She understands the importance of the construction process as she has tackled numerous projects without the use of contractors.

Kendra takes a friendly and engaging approach to her client relationships which makes them feel comfortable and confident. She has an eye for style, a passion for design and a commitment to bringing a client’s vision to reality.


Langley Times | Deuling Design Students

Generation Cabinets | Juniper Renovation

Fabulous Furnishings & Upholstery

Houzz’s 2013 ‘Best Of Houzz’ Award